Watch the WBAL report on the DRM Class-action lawsuit filed against MTA in 2015 over Mobility service.

Are you having a problem with Mobility Paratransit?  Are you experiencing long hold times on the phone, late or long rides, or problems with certification?

Disability Rights Maryland (DRM) and the rider advocacy group, Consumers for Accessible Ride Services (CARS), are here to help you! They are collecting Mobility Paratransit Rider complaints, in order to help improve the MTA Mobility system for everyone. They are working in concert with paratransit riders and Mobility Administrators to bring the necessary attention to the problems that Mobility riders are experiencing. Due to the fact that MTA Mobility does not address rider concerns in a timely manner, this has caused a huge number of riders to become apathetic and believe that their concerns will never be addressed. Thus, the problems that riders experience go unreported. This was the main reason as to why CARS was established. They want to be the voice of the riders to the MTA Administrators.

Your encounters and your concerns can help DRM and CARS understand the problems you are experiencing. Although they cannot respond back to each individual complaint that you report, know that they will use your experiences to work to make the system better.

If you encounter a problem, please do the following:

  1. Make a note of the date and time of the incident.
  2. Contact Mobility Customer Service at 410-764-8181, selection 8.
  3. File your complaint with them and make sure they provide you with a Feedback Number.
  4. Once you have done this, then contact CARS and provide them with your complaint.
  5. We can be reached at one of the services below:

Help DRM and CARS bring the attention needed to your concerns!


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